Making the future possible

Our new campaign, Making the Future Possible explains the current and future contribution of the mining sector to jobs, living standards and growth in the Australian economy.

New Generation Coal Technology

Why HELE coal-fired electricity generation is part of Australia's energy solution

Rush: Australia’s 21st Century Gold Industry

Our new publication tells the story of Australia’s world-leading gold industry and the ongoing contribution it makes to the nation’s economic and social wealth.

Australian Mine Rehabilitation

While mining projects bring significant community benefits to regional areas during their operation, mining is finite in nature and just one of many possible uses for the land over time. Responsible environmental management over the entire life of the mining operation is essential for successful rehabilitation.

Minerals Council of Australia

Representing Australia's exploration, mining and minerals processing industry

Restoring equity and fairness

Western Australia loses more GST than it collects in iron ore royalties.


Australia has a viable pathway to achieving all three goals of energy policy – delivering reliable electricity supplies at affordable prices while meeting our emissions reduction targets – by taking advantage of new high efficiency, low emissions (HELE) coal fired electricity generation technology.

Submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry on Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation in Australia

As a starting point for reform, an objective of horizontal fiscal equalisation must be developed that aims to deliver a degree of equity, incentives for states to develop their economies and stability in state public finances.

Opening statement to the Senate inquiry into the rehabilitation of mining and resources projects

With consistent effort, investment in innovation and a focus on continuous improvement, the minerals industry is achieving positive rehabilitation outcomes and productive post-mining land uses – including cropping, grazing, recreation and nature conservation.