Australia’s innovative minerals sector promotes drone technology

The Australian minerals industry has released the latest ad in its Making the Future Possible campaign, promoting the industry’s use of innovation including drone technology.

New Frontiers for Australian mining and mining services exports

The MCA's New Frontiers research project is examining the fast-growing countries of South and East Asia – from India to the Philippines – to assess the opportunities and the challenges for boosting Australian mining and mining services exports to these dynamic economies.

New Generation Coal Technology

Why HELE coal-fired electricity generation is part of Australia's energy solution

Rush: Australia’s 21st Century Gold Industry

Our new publication tells the story of Australia’s world-leading gold industry and the ongoing contribution it makes to the nation’s economic and social wealth.

Minerals Council of Australia

Representing Australia's exploration, mining and minerals processing industry

IEA backs market-based solutions, CCS for low-emissions energy future

Australia’s minerals industry welcomes support from the International Energy Agency (IEA) for a market-based approach to low-emissions technology, combined with better system planning to avoid high costs and system disruptions.

Fuel Tax Credit Alliance: fuel tax credits claims wrong again

Reports linking fuel tax credits (FTC) and funding for the environment and diversity programs again misrepresent FTCs as a tax ‘subsidy’ or cost to the Federal Budget.

Mining boom delivers record resource export revenues

Trade data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics released this week has again confirmed the importance of the mining industry to the Australian economy and the continuing benefits of the mining boom

Australia’s resource governance expertise promoted to boost investment in African mining

Australia’s expertise in mineral resource governance has been promoted as a way to help the African mining sector harmonise policy frameworks and attract investment.

Coal exports set all-time record in 2017

The latest trade data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates the strength of coal exports in 2017 which were valued at $56.5 billion, 35 per cent higher than 2016.