Coal - The hard facts.

Over the last decade, coal use has grown more strongly than any other energy source.

Iron Country: Unlocking the Pilbara

The vital importance of the iron ore industry to Australia’s modern prosperity is widely recognised. Less appreciated perhaps is the industry’s remarkable back-story.

Australia’s workplace relations framework

Australia’s labour market arrangements are a long way from being optimal for a modern, dynamic economy, a new analysis commissioned by the Minerals Council of Australia has revealed.

Tax Facts

The minerals industry pays a wide variety of taxes, charges and levies to governments in Australia. Mining companies have been our largest corporate taxpayers in recent years. The industry paid an estimated $156 billion in federal company tax and state royalties alone between 2004-05 and 2013-14. That’s roughly equivalent to Commonwealth spending on child care payments, carers and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme over this period. The annual contribution to government revenues from the minerals industry is roughly four times what it was before the mining boom.

The high cost of renewable energy subsidies

The report found that Australia’s renewable energy sector received subsidies (including the Renewable Energy Target, feed in tariffs and other green policy costs) worth $2.8 billion in 2013-14.

Minerals Council of Australia

Representing Australia's exploration, mining and minerals processing industry.

Submission to the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry (reopened)

The MCA urges the 2015 Board of Inquiry to carefully consider any specific recommendations around rehabilitation and ensure that they are based on international leading practice methods and suitable to the underlying geological and landscape conditions.

How green groups are sabotaging the mining industry

Green groups are gaming legal and approvals processes to delay and stop mine projects, just as they said they would…


The minerals sector welcomes the introduction of legislation to make it harder for radical environmental groups to deliberately sabotage mining projects through vexatious and incessant legal challenges.

The green activist strategy for stopping mining projects: Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom

Over recent years a large number of new projects and mine expansions have been subject to a calculated campaign of protests and harassment, including vexatious and incessant legal appeals lodged by a small band of extreme environmental groups. We know this is the strategy being adopted by these groups because it was foreshadowed in their own strategy document, Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom document leaked in early 2012.

7-9 Oct 2015 Fremantle WA

The annual Sustainable Development Conference is recognised as the leading minerals industry forum to discuss and debate sustainable development and its practical implementation.