CASE STUDY: Heathcote Childcare Centre

Access to childcare for pre-school and primary school children has long been a priority for the growing community of Heathcote, Victoria.  Understanding its importance to the local community, Mandalay Resources engaged the Community Child Care Association to develop a prefeasibility study for a new childcare service in the town during 2015.

With strong support from the community, Mandalay Resources funded the appointment of a project manager in 2017 to progress the study.  After investigating a range of options, a hybrid children’s community hub, including a managed long day care model, was proposed.

In December 2017 the Victorian Government announced it would fund development of the hub with the local St John’s Parish donating the land and additional funds. This resulted from an initial investment by Mandalay Resources of approximately $100,000 in various feasibility studies and appointment of a project manager.

Construction of the hub, which will transform early childhood education and employment options for Heathcote residents, commenced in April and is expected to be completed by December 2018.


CASE STUDY: Centennial Coal

Centennial Coal uses local suppliers for 56 per cent of its goods and services, contributing $459 million to the lower Hunter and Lithgow local economies each year.  Local businesses engaged include construction, accounting, surveyors, environmental specialists, caterers, recruitment services and logistics suppliers.

Centennial Coal also employs 24 mechanical and electrical apprentices, three trainees, three engineering graduates and seven vacation students, building the local skills base and developing the next generation of mining professionals.

Centennial Coal community investment program has adopted a strategic capacity building approach to encourage alternate employment opportunities in the Kandos/Rylstone area.  This includes in tourism, where Centennial Coal has supported Kandos Museum with trips to the Charbon Box Cut – a popular place for visitors.


CASE STUDY: BHP Local Buying Program

The Local Buying Program was established in 2012 to support small businesses to engage with BHP, BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) and BHP Billiton Mitsui Coal (BMC).

The Program is delivered in a strategic partnership between BHP and C-Res – a cost-neutral organisation – and has been operating successfully in Queensland since 2012, in New South Wales since 2016, and in South Australia and Western Australia from 2017.

The Program enables small local businesses to supply goods and services to BHP, BMA and BMC operations via a competitive tender process with reduced payment terms. Businesses also receive direct support from C-Res Business Engagement Advisors and the Program Administration Team.

Businesses who employ fewer than 20 full-time equivalent employees and have a significant physical presence near one of BHP’s Minerals Australia core assets are encouraged to register for the Program.

Since its establishment, there has been more than $227 million in approved spending under the program with 1,158 approved suppliers and average payment terms of 13 days. The Program will turn over almost $80 million during the current financial year.