Minerals Council of Australia

Representing Australia's exploration, mining and minerals processing industry

Australian minerals industry annual parliamentary dinner

On Wednesday October 12 2016, the Minerals Council of Australia hosted the annual minerals industry parliamentary dinner.
Speeches were given by the Chair of the MCA Board, Dr. Vanessa Guthrie, Prime Minisyer Malcolm Turnbull, Chief Executive of the MCA Brendan Pearson and Mr Chris Salisbury, head of Rio Tinto’s iron ore operations.

MTEC Key Performance Measures 2016

MTEC collects enrolment and destination data from minerals departments across the disciplines of mining engineering, minerals geoscience, and metallurgy at partner universities.

Opening Statement to the JSCOT Inquiry into the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

As you know, the Minerals Council of Australia represents small, medium and large firms engaged in the exploration, extraction and processing of minerals and energy resources.  The minerals industry is Australia’s largest exporter, with exports of $175 billion in the last year. 

Submission to ARPANSA on the Draft Code for Radiation Protection in Planned Exposure Situaions

The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) welcomed the opportunity to provide input to ARPANSA on the draft code.  The MCA commended ARPANSA’s graded approach to regulation and recommended that advice be provided to regulators on the graded approach and its practical application.

Submission to the ICRP on Dose Coefficients for NHB Environmentally Exposed to Radiation

The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) welcomed the opportunity to provide a submission to the ICRP on the draft report for consultation.  The MCA recommended the ICRP provide additional guidance for practical application of its main findings.


Mr Chairman, thank you for the opportunity to meet with the Committee today.  The minerals sector welcomes the Paris agreement as an important step forward in securing a durable path to progressively lower global greenhouse gas emissions.