Self assessment protocol

The Self-asssesment Protocol provides examples of the policies, practices and standards a company might have in place to meet the requirements of Enduring Value. There are other ways in which companies can fulfil the requirements and there is provision for these to be documented in the protocol.

Criteria Comment
No action has been taken on this issue. No level of awareness. For several of the Principles many companies/sites may be expected to be at this level initially.
Policy, systems, practices and processes are not yet developed. Low level of awareness. Within two years of the launch of Enduring Value most companies should be at this level for almost all of the ten Principles.
Policy, systems, practices and processes have been developed but have not yet been implemented. Some industry leaders will already be close to this level of implementation for all ten Principles.
Policy, systems, practices and processes, including training have been implemented and supported by formal reporting, recording and review mechanisms. A few companies may be at this level for some of the Principles.
Systems and practices have been in place for at least 12 months, with regular auditing and review for continual improvement. At this stage it is unlikely that even industry leaders will be at this level for more than a few of the Principles.

Use of the self-assesment protocol is voluntary, and is not a requirment for signatories to the Enduring Value Framework.


Download the Enduring Value Self Assessment Protocol