Guidelines for the management of rockfall risks

Edited by Yves Potvin (Australian Centre for Geomechanics) and Paul Nedin (Underground Mining Solutions)

Published by the MCA in 2003

Rockfalls are a major hazard in underground mines. The Guideline for  the  Management of  Rockfalls  is a  reference manual and guideline that provides underground mining and technical personnel with an essential source of information related to the management of these hazards.

The guideline aims to standardise the processes supporting mines' site specific systems and procedures for the management of rockfall risks. It has been developed as a process noting that aAn effective rockfall management process must rely on an implementation strategy supported by all levels of the organisation, from top company executives to mine workers.

This guideline may be a component, or serve as the basis for a ground control management plan. It relies on techniques and methods that are seen as good practices in ground control.