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The Darwin Mining Club is established with the aim of providing a forum to promote and support the resources and allied industries in the Northern Territory.

An unincorporated activity of the Northern Territory Division of the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA-NT), the Darwin Mining Club is aligned with the values of MCA-NT.  In particular, it seeks to be:

  • Open and cooperative
  • Frank and fearless
  • Apolitical

The objectives of the Darwin Mining Club are to:

  • Provide networking and learning opportunities for industry stakeholders
  • Create a forum for information exchange on industry matters, and
  • Promote the industry as a career of choice.

A Committee will be established to guide the Club. This Committee will be comprised of up to ten interested members with a Chair appointed by the Management Committee of MCA-NT. The Chair will be a member of the MCA-NT Management Committee.

Individual committee membership will be reviewed after two years. Committee members seeking re-appointment or new nominees will be required to gain majority support from the Committee through a ballot. Committee members are expected to attend the majority of meetings during the course of a calendar year and this may comprise one of the criteria for re-appointment to the Committee.

Membership will be open to individuals who agree to support the aim and values of the Darwin Mining Club. Members of MCA will automatically become members of the Darwin Mining Club.

Activities of the Darwin Mining Club encompass hosting a regular series of events aligned with its stated objectives.  These include, but are not limited to guest speaker lunches, promotional events in support of the resources industry, information exchanges and seminars related to industry topics, employment and career exhibitions and an annual dinner.

Finances of the Darwin Mining Club will be administered by MCA-NT. The Club will be authorised to raise sponsorship as the Committee sees fit provided that the sponsor demonstrates a commitment to the ideals of the Club. The Committee will ensure that the Club operates in a financially viable state with regular financial statements prepared for the MCA-NT Management Committee. Distribution of surplus funds will be directed by the Committee, normally into projects that support the aim of the Club and the resources industry.

Authority to amend this Charter resides with the MCA-NT Management Committee.

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