... consistent with the the national approach to economic, environmental and social stewardship.

Community Engagement

The minerals industry is an integral part of Victoria’s economy and community.

People are employed directly and indirectly by the industry in a wide array of roles and capacities, both in terms of working with resources as well as providing the industry and its employees with a wide range of goods and services.

While the economic contribution of the industry to the State has been great, the minerals industry contributes far more to Victorian communities than dollars and jobs. The Victoria minerals industry is committed to triple bottom line business principles and believes that our environmental and social performance is as important as our economic achievements.

Community Contribution

For this reason MCA member companies operating in Victoria work with the communities they are operating in through a range of community engagement and support activities.

The activities which companies undertake are, in part, dictated by the stage of the project. Many MCA member companies currently exploring for resources or working to establish a mining operation:

  • run intensive community engagement programs to ensure that the communities where they are operating are  informed about the projects;
  • some companies have established shop front information outlets in towns near their operations as a means of providing locals with direct access to those who are managing the resource project; and
  • others regularly hold community information sessions where local residents are invited to come along and learn about what the project really means for the local area and community.

In communities where mines are already operating, companies are constantly working with the local community. This can be seen in the way many MCA companies:

  • have embraced the use of Environmental Review Committees;
  • continually engage with communities via community forums, reference committees, and workshops;
  • undertake a range of sponsorship and funding grants to their local communities, these are offered to sports clubs, community groups, historical societies, local festivals and more;
  • host open days and site tours; or
  • offer presentations from mine workers and company representatives to particular interest groups such as schools for teachers, students and careers teachers, one site even offers structured workplace learning through a local secondary school.