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Primary Resources

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Oresome Resources

Oresome Resources provides free on line resources with links to the Australian National Curriculum including powerpoints, fact sheets, units of works, interactives and virtual tours. Topics covered include: Geology, Mining, Minerals Processing, Environmental Management, Coal and Low Emission Technologies, Energy, Rocks and Minerals.

Minerals Downunder

This interactive resource is organised into seven sections. It provides information and on-line activities on mineral formation, exploration, different types of mining, the extraction of minerals from ore and the processes involved in transforming minerals into everyday products. Designed for the middle school years (5-8), it also uses the minerals industry as a context for enhancing students’ literacy skills. It contains links to additional websites and provides a Teacher Guide with student activities, and links to the Australian Curriculum. Minerals Downunder is also available as a free “ipad app”.

Follow this link to find further fact sheets and quizzes relating to gold, copper, silver, iron and mineral sands.

Minerals in Sport

"Minerals in Sport" Minerals and metals are used in all sorts of sports – not only the equipment used but also the venues the sports are played in. Explore the website below to find out how they are used in athletics (track & field) and cycling. Check out how the Olympic Games are so dependent on minerals and metals to make it such a memorable event – from the torch to the medal ceremony.

Units of work for Prep – Year 2

Our Special Place a unit of work designed for Prep. Students explore their local environment using their senses. The resource aligns to the outcomes of the Australian National Science Curriculum and incorporates the 5E’s.

Below our Feet a unit of work designed for Year 1. Students explore the ground and the area below it. The resource aligns to the outcomes of the Australian National Science Curriculum and incorporates the 5E’s.

Barren or Bountiful a unit of work designed for Year 2. Students explore the natural environment. The resource aligns to the outcomes of the Australian National Science Curriculum and incorporates the 5E’s.

Treasures from the Earth

Treasures of the Earth has been written for students at Level 4: Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS).

The aim of this unit is for students to explore the "Treasures from the Earth" to discover where they are, what they are, how much there is, how valuable they are, how we get them, who gets them and what happens when we do!!

Click on the links below to access and download Treasures from the Earth:

Unit Activites and Activity Sheets


Rock Files

The Rock Files provide a background introduction to each of:

  • Aluminium
  • Nickel
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Tin
  • Iron
  • Diamonds
  • Titanium minerals
  • Lead
  • Zinc
  • Opal

Suitable Yr 4 — 8

K-4 Readers

This illustrated set of five booklets is designed for children from Kindergarten to Year 4 (and beyond) to assist the development of literacy skills while at the same time introducing aspects of how we search for, mine and process minerals into the metals we use every day.

Victorian Mineral Fact Sheets

Interactive Mineral House

Find out how much your lifestyle depends on mining. This is an interactive activity in which students select common household items and materials, such as mobile phones or carpet, to access facts about them. The facts include such details as chemical nature, properties and uses as well as information about their origins in the earth, mining and production. Most examples of deposit locations are drawn from Queensland.

Victorian Minerals industry sites

Other useful links