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The Australian Minerals Industry Fact Sheet

Industry Definition and Contribution: The Australian minerals industry is defined as covering the exploration and mining of minerals (including coal) and the associated minerals processing industry. The Minerals Council of Australia, in representing the industry nationally and internationally, is committed to contributing to the sustained growth and prosperity of current and future generations through the integration of sound financial management, responsible social development and effective environmental management.

Coalition climate change policy

The Coalition?s climate change policy strikes at the real intent of pricing carbon ? providing an incentive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without negatively impacting on jobs, investment, exports and growth. The Minerals Council of Australia welcomes the shift to a policy designed to use incentives as a driver to reduce emissions rather than an approach that is pre-occupied with penalising business to raise revenue.

2009 Annual Report - Minerals Council of Australia

This Annual Report outlines the Minerals Council of Australia?s activities, achievements and financial performance for the 2009 calendar year. The MCA?s performance is reported within the framework of the 2009 Balanced Business Plan, which is derived from, and forms a part of, the MCA?s three-year Balanced Industry Strategy for the Australian minerals industry.

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