The Minerals Council of Australia, Victorian Division (MCA Victoria) makes this submission to inform the development of the Victorian State Government’s 2013-14 Budget and policy platform.

This submission focuses on specific issues facing the Victorian economy and therefore the Victorian minerals industry. It does not make comment on macro-economic issues and commodity outlooks at the national and international level and therefore it should be read in conjunction with the MCA’s Commonwealth Pre-Budget Submission.

This submission does however make comment on the impacts of Commonwealth Government policies and laws on the Victorian minerals industry.

MCA Victoria makes a number of recommendations to the Victorian Government in this submission. These recommendations reaffirm and build on those made in the previous pre-budget submission and are grouped according to the following themes:

Regulatory Reform
  • Actively measure, monitor and publicly report on reductions in red tape
  • Respond to the EDIC Parliamentary Inquiry recommendations and develop a reform timeline
  • Assess the range of recommendations arising from reviews/inquiries undertaken by previous governments and determine what will be progressed or where alternate reforms are proposed
  • Work towards a whole-of-government, one-stop-shop approval authority
  • Ensure ‘whole-of-government’ decision making that approve projects on merit and that are timely
  • Reignite Stage 2 reforms to the MR(SD)A
  • Empower VCEC with a role in monitoring and reporting on regulatory reforms
  • Review the technical skills needs of Departments and Agencies to better align with industry practice
Taxes and Royalties
  • Continue to deliver low WorkCover premiums
  • Ensure WorkSafe is resourced to be able to continue to lead the nation on safety and health performance
  • Maintain a competitive royalty rate that encourages investment

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