The Minerals Council of Australia, Victorian Division (MCA Victoria) makes this submission to inform the development of the Victorian State Government’s 2014-15 Budget and policy platform.

MCA Victoria applauds the commitment that the Victorian Government made to Victoria’s minerals industry in the 2013-14 Budget. The 2013-14 Budget acknowledged Victoria’s world class mineral potential by allocating $31.7 million (over the forward estimates) to attract new exploration, reduce barriers to investment and promote Victoria as an investment destination. MCA Victoria hopes that the Government’s enthusiasm for the minerals industry continues in line with an ever increasing understanding that there is growth to be had in the sector particularly at a time when other sectors are contracting.

This submission focuses on specific issues facing the Victorian economy and therefore the Victorian minerals industry. It does not make comment on macro-economic issues and commodity outlooks at the national and international level and therefore it should be read in conjunction with the MCA’s Commonwealth Pre-Budget Submission available at: http://www.minerals.org.au/news/2014_15_pre_budget_submission.

This submission does however make comment on the impacts of Commonwealth Government policies and laws on the Victorian minerals industry.

MCA Victoria makes a number of recommendations to the Victorian Government in this submission. These recommendations reaffirm and build on those made in previous pre- budget submissions. They are focused on minerals industry specific reforms however many reforms are economy wide with multiple benefits across the State. The Victorian minerals industry has the potential to recapture market share and ensure a vibrant and sustainable minerals industry which can bring economic and social wealth to all Victorians.

Reforms have unfortunately been slow to progress and many of these recommendations have been made repeatedly over the past decade in various reports, submissions and inquiries.

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