The minerals industry welcomes the Victorian Parliament’s Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee report on exploration in Victoria.

The minerals industry is encouraged by the committee’s acknowledgement that the “mining industry laid the foundations for making Victoria the great state it is today”. The committee’s recommendations, if adopted, would significantly increase mining’s economic contribution to Victoria and stop the state falling further behind in the highlycompetitive contest to attract minerals investment.

The 25 recommendations go to the heart of developing a policy and regulatory regime for the minerals sector based on prudent risk and environmental management; and appropriate community engagement.

A streamlined, effective and efficient regulatory regime that incorporates social and environmental considerations is critical to a sustainable industry. Complemented by a strong commitment by Government to understand Victoria’s resource endowment, investment will flow into the state.

The MCA - Victorian Division looks forward to the Government’s response and a detailed implementation plan that will deliver a strong future for the industry.

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