Angela Pamela Uranium Mine – Opposition to Establishment

The Northern Territory Government’s decision to oppose the establishment of the Angela Pamela mine near Alice Springs will act as a further disincentive to develop the NT’s minerals industry.

During parliamentary sittings in Alice Springs this week, an NT Government motion - carried 13 votes to 12 - endorsed the Government’s opposition to the establishment of the Angela Pamela uranium mine.

It was only last week at the Annual Geoscience Exploration Seminar in Alice Springs that the Resources Minister told junior mining companies and explorer’s that the Territory was open for business. These were apparently empty words.

The government has failed to follow its own processes by first announcing its opposition to the exploration of the deposit and now the establishment of an operation.

We have spoken with government a number of times and strongly expressed our expectation that all applications would be subject to a rigorous and factual-based assessment.

We have not seen any factual evidence to support the government’s concerns about the Angela Pamela mine.

The government, having invited the company to explore and establish itself in Alice Springs at considerable cost, is continuing to operate outside its own processes.

The minerals industry, if given the opportunity, demonstrates the principals of social responsibility involving the integration of economic progress, responsible social development and effective environmental management.

Unfortunately in this instance the government is using Angela Pamela and Cameco/Paladin as a political football and this will not reflect favourably on the Northern Territory.

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