Australian Perspectives on Coal Technologies

If serious effort is to be made in Australia and internationally to combat the risks posed by climate change, many low-carbon and renewable technologies will have to play a role, and Carbon Capture and geological Storage must be a key component.  Addressing these climate change risks without CCS in the portfolio will significantly increase the cost of action. 

As the Australia Government points out:

This means there will be a need to continue to develop lower emissions fossil fuel technologies such as carbon capture and storage (CCS) and take-up various high efficiency low emissions production techniques.”

The roadmap to a low emissions coal future is increasingly clear.  New technology coal plants are achieving CO2 emissions reductions of 30 to 40 per cent compared with the existing world fleet of mostly subcritical plants.  Substantial progress is also being made in the development and deployment of carbon capture and storage around the world and should remain a central element of Australia’s medium term energy vision.  CCS offers potential for a baseload, low emissions solution that is competitive with intermittent renewable generation.

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