The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) has joined a coalition of six industry associations supporting an advertising campaign to provide Australians with the key facts about the Government’s proposed carbon tax.

The Australian Trade and Industry Alliance is a group of industry associations with a common goal of communicating important information to all Australians about the impact and the consequences of the proposed carbon tax.

The campaign commenced today with print advertising and will utilise all media in coming weeks. The campaign will run nationally and provide fact-based information on the impact of the carbon tax on trade- exposed business competitiveness, economic and employment growth and prices.

A key message of the campaign is that is imperative to get carbon policy right such that it doesn’t impose heavy financial consequences on all Australians.

Australia’s carbon scheme design must recognise that trade exposed businesses operating in fiercely competitive global markets have no capacity to pass direct or indirect carbon costs on to their customers.

Australia should align its approach with that of other nations and ensure that the carbon pricing scheme does not compromise the competitiveness of Australia’s export and import competing industries.

The campaign message of ‘Carbon tax pain, no climate change gain’ highlights the futility of the Government’s proposed scheme. It will impose massive costs for no material environmental dividend.

The Government’s carbon scheme has failed to harness the business consensus for action on climate change. Instead it has generated a consensus view from business that there are significant flaws in the design of the proposed carbon tax.

The ATI Alliance includes the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australian Coal Association, Australian Retailers Association, Housing Industry Association, Manufacturing Australia and the MCA.

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