It’s unusual for both sides of Victorian politics to agree. Yet the Victorian Government and Opposition have conspired to increase energy prices for businesses and households.

Yesterday’s passing of Resources Legislation Amendment (Fracking Ban) Bill 2016 proves both sides of politics are willing to sacrifice jobs and business investment for votes. Hydraulic fracturing is a known, safe and proven technology used in gas extraction in Queensland, South Australia and many jurisdictions overseas.  Victorians deserve better than mainstream political parties that perpetuate ignorance and disregard for science and long-held experience.

What has been missed in the anti-science debate about gas extraction is the impact of locking up the state’s gas supply on Victorian – and Australian - businesses and households. 

No business will be immune to higher gas and energy prices.

At a time when the Federal Government is calling on state governments to increase gas supply, both the Victorian Government and Victoria’s alternate government have decided to go it alone.

Doing so has removed a proven, safe technology from the state’s energy system. With the scheduled closure of Hazelwood later this month, Victoria is being progressively condemned to reliance on part-time, expensive energy generation sources.

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