IEA Clean Coal Centre: building a pathway to efficient, low emissions coal use worldwide

The IEA CCC will disseminate to a wide community objective analysis and information on the efficient, low emissions use of coal worldwide according to a programme agreed by the Membership: In order to achieve this objective, the focus of the IEA CCC activities comprises three broad categories:

  • Towards zero emissions – including carbon abatement, emissions and effects, pollution control technology, residues.
  • Coal utilisation and analysis – including coal properties, fuel handling, power generation technologies, coal conversion technologies, and industrial uses of coal.
  • Economics and markets – including supply, transport and markets development, country studies, capital and operating cost reviews of current and new build technologies, including comparisons with non-coal options.

Services will be delivered through direct advice, review reports, workshops and conferences, facilitation of R&D, provision of networks and web based instruments.

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