Industry Concerned on Talk of Limmen Park Announcement

The Minerals Council of Australia has raised concerns over what it believes is an imminent announcement by the Territory Government on the proposed Limmen Park in the Roper Region and has raised concerns at the timing of any announcement in the lead-up to the Territory elections.

The Executive Director of the Minerals Council of Australia - NT Division, Mr Peter Stewart said that he believed that an announcement declaring a park was imminent despite raising concerns around the lack of consultation and highlighting various interests in the region.

The region has been the focal point for interests that include exploration, conservation, recreation, Indigenous regional economic development and pastoral activities.

“There have been ongoing comments by the Government about an impending announcement and we have continually raised our concerns. However, to date there has been no formal consultation with the Minerals Council of Australia regarding any proposal for the region,” said Mr Stewart.

“The boundaries for a proposed park were drawn up over 20 years ago and clearly the criteria that were applied, including the perspectives and expectations of a range of community stakeholders, have changed in that time,” he said.

“There is an understanding of some aspects of the region, but we believe the full potential of the area to support a range of activities is yet to be fully developed,” said Mr Stewart.

“We continue to hear about a park being declared and remain unclear on the Government’s plan to support competing interests in the region,” said Mr Stewart. “This isn’t about one particular interest group gaining ascendency across the region; it’s about defining the best way to manage these competing interests to achieve the best environmental, social and economic outcomes.”

“Our view remains that a thorough and robust process of planning and consultation will allow the entire region to support a number of complimentary activities,” he said.

Mr Stewart called on the Territory Government to invite all stakeholders to participate as equal partners in a robust and thorough consultative process and establish a regional plan that supports the complimentary use of land in the region for a number of purposes.

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