Industry Concerns Grow on New News of Revised Park Boundaries

The Minerals Council of Australia turned up the heat on the Northern Territory Government following news that the original boundaries to the proposed Limmen Park have been revised and has renewed calls for open and transparent decision-making from the Territory Government on the issue.

“The Minerals Council of Australia has received no formal advice on any changes to the proposed park boundaries and this is a serious concern given the extent of exploration activity and investment in the region,” said Mr Stewart.

In fact, it appears that a letter from the Minerals Council to the Territory Government late last year raising their concerns and calling for urgent clarification remains unanswered.

“The Minerals Council of Australia wrote to the Territory Government on 1 September last year seeking urgent clarification following public comments made by the Government on the proposed park, and to date our request for clarification and consultation has remained unanswered,” Mr Stewart said.

“As a key stakeholder representing the interests of the minerals and exploration industry in the NT we would expect (like all other stakeholders) to receive an opportunity for input into any proposal. Adhoc Government decision-making that directly impacts business continuity and limits local opportunity and economic growth in the region sends a very poor signal to potential investors about the Northern Territory,” said Mr Stewart.

Boundaries for the proposed park were drawn up over 20 years ago and the Territory Government is making plans to declare a park in the region in the very near future. News emerged on Friday that the original boundaries to the proposed park have been varied.

Mr Stewart repeated his suspicions about the timing for the declaration of a park in the region in the lead up to the Territory election later this year.

“Given the lack of consultation on this issue, it becomes more apparent that the impetus and timing for this announcement is clearly part of the electoral cycle, “said Mr Stewart.

Mr Stewart renewed his calls on the Territory Government to invite all stakeholders to participate as equal partners in a consultative process to establish a regional plan that supports the complimentary use of land in the region for a number of purposes.

“We continue to call for open and transparent decision making by Government by way of a thorough and robust process of consultation and planning that will allow the entire region to support a number of complimentary activities,” he said.

The Roper Region has been the focal point for various interests that include exploration, conservation, recreation, Indigenous regional economic development and pastoral activities.

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