The Minerals Council of Australia-backed National Apprenticeships Program (NAP) has produced its first graduate.

Chris O’Brien, 35, from Brisbane, applied to the National Apprenticeships Program in May 2011, was accepted into the program in August 2011 and graduated at the end of June 2012.

He is now working for MCA member Anglo American Metallurgical Coal.

National Apprenticeships Program

NAP is an Advanced Entry Adult Apprenticeship scheme, developed to specifically address the growing shortage of skilled workers in the minerals and energy sectors – an innovative alternative for talented Australians with extensive trade skills and experience, but not necessarily a formal qualification, to complete trade training, potentially within 18 months.

The NAP has entered its 17th month since Skills Minister Chris Evans launched NAP a part of the Government’s response to the National Resources Sector Employment Taskforce Report `Resourcing the Future’ Recommendation 2.2:   “That the Australian Government work with industry, unions, training providers, state and territory governments, industry skills councils, state skills bodies and industry associations to trial alternative apprenticeship models with a view to increasing the number of trade-qualified people in occupations and locations where a shortage is expected (e.g. electricians and welders). “

Since that time, NAP has received 5,100 applications from talented and experienced Australians looking for the opportunity to up skill and join the resources and energy sector.  Each has agreed to deploy anywhere in Australia under FIFO.  Of these numbers, 3,154 are eligible to proceed through the robust selection process.

NAP has conducted five Intakes to date for Anglo American Metallurgical Coal, Macmahons and Bechtel LNG.  NAP has a commitment for a further 21 intakes or 525 placements on order.

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