The Minerals Council of Australia and state minerals industry representative bodies welcome the opportunity to provide a submission to the Senate Environment and Communications Reference Committee Inquiry into ‘rehabilitation of mining and resources projects as it relates to Commonwealth responsibilities’. 

The Australian minerals industry considers the existing jurisdictional systems sufficiently and comprehensively regulate the sector and safeguard governments and the community from post-mining liabilities.  These regulatory frameworks continue to evolve in line with changing societal expectations, technology and leading industry practice.  Mine rehabilitation and closure are a priority issue across Australian jurisdictions with a range of reviews of legislation, policy and processes currently underway.  Outside of the legal framework the industry proactively undertakes a range of activities which are aimed at continuous improvement in rehabilitation practices.

The submission outlines the comprehensive regulatory regime in which the industry currently operates and the positive actions being undertaken by the minerals industry having regard to the terms of reference for the Senate Environment and Communications References Committee.

The minerals industry considers it important the committee recognises the regulatory context in which rehabilitation and environmental management is undertaken as well as the overall contribution the minerals industry delivers to the Australian economy and community.



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