MCA Victoria lauds long-overdue reforms to earth resources regulation & approval

Ensuring Victoria has a well-governed, competent regulator for mining and extractive industries will enable the state’s minerals industry to continue building prosperity while protecting the community and the environment.

MCA Victoria welcomes the release today by the Minister for Resources of the report by Better Regulation Commissioner Anna Cronin on the Earth Resources Regulation – Continuous Improvement Program.  

Reforms to the Earth Resources Regulator are much-needed, and unfortunately previous attempts have stalled. MCA Victoria is encouraged by Minister Pallas’ commitment to ensuring Victoria has a well-governed, competent regulator.

Both regulation and regulatory practice must continue to evolve to ensure continued community confidence while encouraging the growth of a modern, innovative mining sector which will create jobs and fund the essential services on which all Victorians depend.

The mining and mine equipment, technology and services (METS) sector contributed $13.6 billion to the Victorian economy in 2015-16 – representing four per cent of the state’s total economic activity and supporting approximately 121,700 jobs1.

The minerals industry looks forward to continuing engagement to progress these reforms.

1 Deloitte Access Economics, Mining and METS: engines of economic growth and prosperity for Australians – Victorian focus, Melbourne, July 2017, p. 3.  

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