The Forrest Review’s renewed focus on the importance of Indigenous economic participation and employment is strongly supported by Australia’s minerals sector.

As the largest private sector employer of Indigenous Australians, the minerals sector is committed to identifying new pathways for Aboriginal people to participate in the mainstream economy.

The review’s proposals for better linking between education, training and employment are strongly endorsed by the minerals sector. The industry welcomes the focus on the need to deliver better literacy and numeracy outcomes and more effective measures to support Indigenous Australians with poor health. The proposals aimed at addressing labour mobility are also important steps forward.

The Minerals Council of Australia has long advocated the need for a “joined-up” Indigenous development agenda. To this end, the Federal Government’s efforts to elevate and better coordinate Indigenous-related programs and spending are welcomed.

The challenge now is to join up with business and local community decision-makers in a way that delivers maximum opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

The MCA and member companies work closely with neighbouring Indigenous communities, Native Title bodies, Indigenous leaders, academics, service providers and governments to improve Indigenous economic development outcomes associated with mining agreements and to build enhanced capacity in the Native Title system.

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