The Minerals Council of Australia has today launched a new publication that demonstrates how uranium has the potential to be the next billion dollar export industry for Australia.

Currently, Australia’s uranium industry generates around $620 million per year in export income and approximately 4,000 jobs – just based on capturing 11% of the global uranium market.

However, the potential for further growth is substantial as Australia possesses 32% of the world’s uranium resources.  If realised, uranium exports would be closer to $2 billion per year and potentially generating 10,000 jobs.

Australia has 90 known uranium deposits and the industry contributed more than $6.5 billion to the Australian economy over the past decade,

The publication addresses concerns about the industry in a straight-forward and factual manner, highlighting the many safeguards the industry abides by both domestically and internationally.

With the discussion on Australia’s future use of uranium progressing through the South Australian Royal Commission, the publication is timely and will help ensure the debate is mature and sensible.

Demand for uranium continues to grow as it is reliable source of base-load power and a low emissions energy generator.  Increasing demand for electricity, energy security and concern around greenhouse gas emissions have stimulated new interest in nuclear power and consequently, large increases in uranium demand are now projected.

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