The NT Division of the Minerals Council of Australia has today welcomed the Hydraulic Fracturing Inquiry Report from Dr Allan Hawke AC.

We note that the Report clearly states that there are no scientific barriers to initiating the development of this important energy supply and urge the Territory Government to take immediate steps to facilitate this.

 Further, the NT Division of the Minerals Council supports the continued role that Dr. Hawke will play in developing an appropriate regulatory regime.

Ensuring a reliable energy supply for the Territory is critical for future economic growth and investment and by taking timely action to establish this industry, further jobs will be created.

Of course, any further development of the un-conventional gas industry in the Territory must be supported by appropriate and transparent approvals process to ensure all developments are properly assessed.

The proposal to establish ‘exclusion zones’ around major Territory towns could allay residents’ concerns and we look forward to seeing all proposals for these boundaries.

We believe that with a robust approval framework, the potential of the un-conventional gas resource to provide an inexpensive and reliable energy source for the Territory should not be underestimated.

Further economic development in the Territory’s rural and regional areas needs to be under-pinned by securing our vast un-conventional gas reserves as an energy source, and hydraulic fracturing has the ability to assist in this.

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