Parental Leave Toolkit

DownloadContinued growth of the minerals industry is dependent on its ability to recruit and retain adequate numbers of suitably skilled employees. Skills shortages loom as a critical capacity constraint for the industry.

The ‘Unearthing new resources’ study prepared for the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) in 2006 found that women comprise approximately 18 per cent of the minerals industry workforce, significantly lower than the national female participation rate of 45 per cent1. It is clear that women remain a largely untapped source of skilled workers for the industry.
Increasing the number of female entrants to our industry is not enough. The industry must also retain the women already working within its ranks.

The age profile of women in the industry is heavily concentrated on those aged 34 and under, a significantly younger cohort than men. Traditionally this is also the age where thoughts may turn to children and parenting.

If we wish to retain women within the industry, we must support and encourage them and their families throughout all periods of their career, and in particular, the child-rearing period of their lives.

The introduction of the Fair Work Australia Act 2009 and the Paid Parental Leave Act 2010 have changed the legislative and regulatory framework for parental leave in Australia.

It is for this reason that the Minerals Council of Australia has produced this guide on parental leave and flexible work.

It is intended that this guide be used by employees, supervisors and organisations in the minerals industry to assist them to understand their rights and obligations, and how parental leave and flexible work can be effectively and successfully managed.

As well as information on obligations and entitlements, the guide provides tips for employees, supervisors and organisations navigating parental leave and flexible work, together with practical case studies and frequently asked questions.

We trust this guide will be of assistance to you.

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