The Minerals Council of Australia recognises the contribution to the nation made by Martin Ferguson  during his time as Minister for Resources and Energy.

Martin Ferguson brought to his role a deep understanding of the mining industry and a strong commitment to consult with the industry on policy challenges.

He understood the need for Australia's mining industry to remain competitive in global markets. He recognised that Australia's status as a premier mining country is not preordained by our resource endowment. And as his remarks today demonstrated, he grasped that effective government is primarily about providing a framework for long-term growth and prosperity, not about fomenting conflict and class war.

It is no secret the mining industry has at times been sharply critical of the direction of government policy in recent years. The MCA continues to make the case for reform that will deliver improved productivity and cost competitiveness.

Yet at all times the industry has held Martin Ferguson in high regard, based on his knowledge, his integrity and his preparedness to deal in an open and straightforward way with the industry.