The Minerals Council of Australia recognises the outstanding contribution that Warren Truss and Andrew Robb have made to the national interest over four decades.

Since his election to the Federal Parliament in 1990, Warren Truss has been a tireless and influential advocate for regional and remote Australia.  Warren acutely understood the mutually beneficial role that the agriculture and resources sector play in regional Australia and the national economy.

Andrew Robb’s record as Trade Minister is one of remarkable achievement which will leave an enduring legacy of deeper and broader economic links across the Asia Pacific.

Since his election in 2004, Andrew has been one of the Parliament’s best policy thinkers, combining intellectual rigour with a phlegmatic demeanour and a keen sense of the national interest.

Neither Warren nor Andrew sought high office for its own sake, but rather for the opportunity to improve the lives of ordinary Australians.  Frequently underestimated, they under promised and over delivered.  All Australians have benefited from their service.

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