The Greens’ proposed inquiry into environmental offsets is a waste of the Senate’s time, energy and resources.

The offsets policy, established by the former Labor Government in 2012, was finalised after two years work involving the CSIRO, the broader environment movement and leading Australian universities.

This included the Australian Conservation Foundation, Conservation Council, World Wildlife Fund, National Parks Australia Council, Network of Environmental Defenders, Conservation Council, the Humane Society, Birds Australia, Invasive Species Council, the Australian National University and University of Queensland.

In calling for this inquiry the Greens are telling these groups and the Labor Party that they wasted their time and got it wrong.

The Greens’ real agenda is to simply halt any further expansion of Australia’s $60 billion coal industry. They are dressing up their dangerous economic agenda in a faux cloak of concern about the environment.

There is significant inconsistency between the Commonwealth and States on offsets, but this problem will only be fixed by governments working together rather than another pointless Greens- sponsored Senate inquiry.

Labor – which approved some of the project offsets now of alleged concern to the Greens when in Government – and the Coalition should reject this futile political stunt.

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