Draft OHS Harmonisation Provisions Infringement Notices, Enforceable Undertakings and Notices

Thank you for your briefing on 10th June and the opportunity to make comment on the above draft provisions. I apologise for the delay in getting our comments to you by the agreed date. The Minerals Council of Australia represents Australia?s exploration, mining and minerals processing industry, nationally and internationally, in its contribution to sustainable development and society. MCA?s member companies produce more than 85 percent of Australia?s annual mineral output.


The release of Exposure Draft legislation on the Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT) is an important milestone in the Government?s proposed resource taxation reforms. Guided by the recommendations of the Argus-Ferguson Policy Transition Group (PTG), the draft legislation provides the basis for further public consultation on the legislative design of the MRRT.

Action or talk - an analysis of emissions reduction performance of key nations since 1990.

On 9 June, the Productivity Commission will release its report on emissions reduction policies and carbon prices in selected countries. In advance of that report, we assess the actualperformance of key trading partners and trade competitors in constraining emissions since 1990, including the 7 nations being analysed by the Productivity Commission. The findings are clear.  Australia has performed better than most major developed and developing nations in restraining emissions since 1990. The proposition that Australia is a laggard in reducing emissions growth is not supported by the facts. Similarly, the claim that other nations are acting more aggressively than Australia is not reflected in their actual performance in constraining emissions. In fact, the record suggests the opposite. The only nations to have performed better include Germany and the United Kingdom, both of whom benefited from the choice of 1990 as a base year ? Germany?s emissions fell sharply after unification and the collapse of the East German economy while 1990 also broadly coincided with liberalisation in the UK energy market and the related shift to reliance on North Sea gas.

The proposed Carbon Pricing Scheme - MW 2011

Minerals Week 2011 - Seamus French, Chief Executive Anglo American Metallurgical Coal. Global action has stalled, time is needed to “get it right”. The CPRS is completely out of step with current and proposed schemes in the EU and US with its design driven by revenue raising not carbon reduction

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