Emissions plan a meal unfit for human consumption

When it comes to the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, the Rudd government has been serving up the same inedible dish for 18 months. The odd garnish has been added, but the serving has not been altered. The flaws remain. The scheme, in its present form, is the gastronomic equivalent of three-day-old meatloaf.

Australian Minerals Industry Code for Environmental Management

This report has been prepared to deliver on the Minerals Council of Australia’s commitment to report publicly industry environmental performance improvements made by signatories to the Australian Minerals Industry Code for Environmental Management. This is the first such report and aims to help stakeholders – including industry, governments, environmental organisations and the community – better understand the implications and benefits of the Code and improve two-way dialogue about the way forward. We would like all interested parties to be aware of the Australian minerals industry’s progress on its environmental management commitments, where more progress is needed and what our future focus should be. In other words, this report is designed to make it easier for others to evaluate the industry’s environmental management performance against Code commitments. The report focuses on those areas we believe are important for indicating how implementation is progressing. With its commitment to continual improvement, the Minerals Council welcomes comment on this first Code progress report so that future reports may better address stakeholder interests.

Unearthing New Resources

This profile is likely the result of a lack of part time and flexible work arrangements for women of parenting age. Whilst women often take the decision to leave the industry to have children and to care for them, a lack of ‘on-ramps’ exist in terms of re-engaging them with the minerals industry when they are able to return to work. Where women have reported positively on their successful, if highly difficult, attempts to balance childbearing and caring with full time jobs, their success has relied heavily on a support base of other carers.

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