Annual Reports

2014 Annual Report

2014 was a difficult year for the minerals sector. On the most important measure of performance – safety and health – the sector’s performance fell well short of expectations.


2013 was a year of significant change for the country and the MCA. In September Tony Abbott’s Liberal national coalition took office heralding a major change in direction for economic and industry policy in Australia. The new Abbott Government acted quickly on its election mandate to abolish the carbon tax – a move that will lift a $1.2 billion impost from Australian mining once the Senate approves the repeal bills.

2012 Annual Report - Minerals Council of Australia

In 2012, the Federal Government introduced the Minerals resources rent Tax and the carbon tax - both adding billions of dollars to the industry’s $20 billion a year in tax and royalty payments. These new costs, on top of existing taxes made Australian mining one of the highest taxed minerals industries in the world.

2011 Annual Report - Minerals Council of Australia

A recovery in minerals production and exports following severe floods early in 2011 has underpinned the nation’s export performance with minerals exports (excluding oil and gas) reaching $154 billion in 2010-11. That is 52 per cent of Australia’s total exports. Key commodity prices are down from levels reached in the September quarter 2011 and further easing is in prospect given the weaker global economic outlook. Costs are also rising dramatically in Australia.

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