19th Australia – Taiwan Joint Energy & Minerals, Trade and Investment Cooperation Consultation

Australia has a long-established reputation as the main supplier of high quality metallurgical and thermal coals to Asian customers, and particularly to our long-standing and very important customers in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. Taking into account our country’s vast coal reserves and our established and planned rail and port infrastructure capacities,  Australia will continue to be a reliable source of export supply for the foreseeable future.

The contemporary export coal industry, coal pricing arrangements and cost competitiveness

I have been asked to discuss the Australian black coal industry; how it fits into the Australian economy and into global coal markets; and how we can better understand the competitiveness challenges it faces. Without such understanding, economic research and policy formulation are unlikely to focus on what is important. Neither are they likely to be able to leverage Australia’s comparative advantage in coal resources and advance Australia’s future prosperity.

The Australian Coal Industry – Adding value to the Australian Economy

In February 2013 the Reserve Bank of Australia published a working paper that measured the size of the “resource economy”. The Reserve Bank estimated that the resource economy accounted for 18 per cent of gross value added in 2011-12. This paper complements the Reserve Bank analysis.

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