Coal Presentations

IEA Clean Coal Centre: High efficiency low emissions coal power plants challenges and opportunities

It is misleading to view coal power generation on a global basis or suggest that coal use is declining worldwide. There are key regional differences in coal power generation markets that reveal that coal use in Asia is rising significantly.

Coal Hard Facts - 2nd Edition

Coal benefits all Australians - get the coal hard facts - 2nd Edition.

Coal – the mainstay of the NEM today and tomorrow

Even though coal is mainly an export industry coal use still underpins the national electricity market (NEM). In 2013-14, 87%, 86% and 75% of NSW/ACT, Victorian and New South Wales’ grid electricity was generated from coal.

The future of NSW Coal - future directions in both domestic and international energy production

Speech at CEDA’s Energy Series,
Hilton Hotel, Sydney.

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