The return of the Industrial Relations Club

Australia’s industrial relations system is one of the most centralised in the Western world. It has been for most of the time since the establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. Only on rare occasions in a century have governments, Labor or Coalition, seen fit to challenge the system.

A roadmap for fiscal sustainability

The conduct of fiscal policy as part of overall macroeconomic management is essential to underpinning growth and stability in the Australian economy. The sustainability of fiscal settings and the efficiency of individual budget measures help to support consumer and investor confidence, to ensure governments do their job cost-effectively and, ultimately, to assist rising living standards.

How about those METS? Leveraging Australia’s mining equipment, technology and services sector

Mining has been an important part of the development of Australia, starting with the gold rushes of the mid-1800s. Its significance to future development relies not simply on growing demand for minerals and energy by emerging economies. The mining industry has become an increasingly critical driver of industry development and innovation in Australia.

Rebooting the boom: Unfinished business on the supply side

The so-called “mining boom” of the early 21st century has seen the resources share of Australia’s total goods and services exports double in real terms from approximately one-quarter to one-half.

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