Policy papers

Securing energy, jobs and Australia’s export advantage

The Victorian and Australian governments should investigate, as a matter of priority, what would be required to build a new power station in the Latrobe Valley

Electricity subsidies in Australia - The Facts

Australians paid more than $3 billion in subsidies for electricity production in 2015-16, new research shows – with 98 per cent going to renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.

MCA energy fact sheets

The MCA has produced a series of country and regional energy fact sheets detailing China, India and South East Asia’s energy mix, likely future demand and the implications for Australia’s coal and uranium exports.

Iron ore – iron law: Why open, competitive markets are best

Iron ore is big in Australia. It now accounts for around a fifth of all Australian exports. Around 80 per cent of these iron ore exports go to just one destination: China.

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