Policy papers

New Publication - Powering Regional Australia: The Case for Fuel Tax Credits

The Fuel Tax Credits Coalition today released a new publication, Powering Regional Australia: The Case for Fuel Tax Credits, designed to promote a balanced and informed debate on the purpose and impact of the FTCS.

Minerals industry priorities for regulatory reform

A period of wide-ranging microeconomic reform beginning in the 1980s delivered significant improvements in Australia’s policy and regulatory environment. However, industry confidence in Australia’s regulatory performance has declined in the last decade as regulatory burdens have grown and processes have degraded.

Opportunity at risk - Regaining our competitive edge in minerals resources

The developing world’s economic transformation continues to offer sustained demand growth for Australia’s commodity exports. The fundamental drivers of minerals demand growth, urbanisation and industrialisation, will exist for the next 20 years or more. Neither weaknesses in developed world economies nor a temporary deceleration in China will dampen these long-term trends. For Australia, maintaining our current minerals market shares would add $121 billion per annum to resource sector revenues by 2031. This is a 65% increase for a sector already twice the size it was in 2006. The benefits of this growth would be large and widespread.

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