The Benefits of the Boom revisited: A response to John Edwards

John Edwards has claimed that the mining boom had minimal positive impact on the economy, contributing no more than 3 per cent of GDP. Economist Jonathan Pincus refutes this conclusion finding that “the benefits of the boom as estimated by Edwards should be scaled up considerably, by up to a factor of four”.

MCA Submission on the Draft Variation to the National Environmental Protection Measure

The MCA highlights the potential risks to industry should the revised standards, which focus on emissions of particulate matter, be applied in a way which is inconsistent with the intent of the NEPM.

Minerals industry priorities for regulatory reform

A period of wide-ranging microeconomic reform beginning in the 1980s delivered significant improvements in Australia’s policy and regulatory environment. However, industry confidence in Australia’s regulatory performance has declined in the last decade as regulatory burdens have grown and processes have degraded.

Mining the Age of Entitlement?

It is impossible to agree with the conclusions of the Institute’s report that the mining and resources sector has been a significant beneficiary of government largesse.

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