The MCA supports strong, balanced tax laws to preserve the integrity of the tax system.

Submission to Earth Resources Regulation’s Draft Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

The Minerals Council of Australia Victorian Division (MCA) has long called for improved and balanced engagement by the regulator and welcomes Earth Resources Regulation’s (ERR) commitment to improved stakeholder engagement. The draft strategy makes an important step in this regard.

However, the strategy requires further work and clarification to ensure that the proposed stakeholder engagement activities deliver real improvements in public confidence and investor certainty to enable further development of Victoria’s resources sector.

Submission to the Review of native vegetation clearing regulations consultation paper

The Minerals Council of Australia has supported the intent of the Native Vegetation Management Framework since its inception. However, constraints embedded in the regime result in less than optimal native vegetation and biodiversity outcomes for communities and land users.

Submission to Water for Victoria Discussion Paper

While the Victorian minerals industry is not a significant water (surface or groundwater) user, water availability and the security of supply are essential to what is one of the most productive and high potential sectors in the state.

The Minerals Council of Australia is pleased that the discussion paper commits to improved stakeholder involvement in water and strategic land use assessment planning and management decisions. Maximising social, environmental and economic outcomes for the state depends on transparent and equitable engagement with all stakeholders, including industrial users.

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