VIC Submissions

Submission to Water for Victoria Discussion Paper

While the Victorian minerals industry is not a significant water (surface or groundwater) user, water availability and the security of supply are essential to what is one of the most productive and high potential sectors in the state.

The Minerals Council of Australia is pleased that the discussion paper commits to improved stakeholder involvement in water and strategic land use assessment planning and management decisions. Maximising social, environmental and economic outcomes for the state depends on transparent and equitable engagement with all stakeholders, including industrial users.

2016-17 Victorian Pre Budget submission and policy

The Minerals Council of Australia calls on the Government of Victoria to develop a strategic vision for the state’s minerals industry.


The challenges facing Victoria in the future are numerous. Population growth, increased waste streams, climate fluctuations and technology advancement are all part of a complex set of issues that the people and government of Victoria will have to manage. The EPA cannot be expected to manage all these issues, and nor should it.

Submission on Victoria’s Renewable Energy Roadmap

Changes to energy generation in Victoria must form part of a national conversation and must be tackled at the national level through an agreed approach, not a patchwork of state-based renewable energy and climate change policies.  Renewable energy must win increased market share on its own merits, not be guaranteed by expensive mandatory targets and feed-in tariffs.

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