Keynote Address to the Melbourne Mining Club “The Culture of Cycles”

In many ways it is quite apt that this is my last speech to any audience anywhere in my capacity as Chief Executive of the Minerals Council of Australia.

SIEW Roundtable“The Resurgence of Coal: Trends and Challenges”

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I want to thank the organisers of this Roundtable – the Energy Studies Institute and the International Energy Agency – for this invitation to be part of Singapore International Energy Week. This forum on the Resurgence of Coal is both important and timely. Events like this are essential if we are to progress debates over energy security, economic growth and climate change mitigation – debates which each country necessarily approaches in its own unique way, but which we know must ultimately reflect universal aspirations.

The contemporary export coal industry, coal pricing arrangements and cost competitiveness

I have been asked to discuss the Australian black coal industry; how it fits into the Australian economy and into global coal markets; and how we can better understand the competitiveness challenges it faces. Without such understanding, economic research and policy formulation are unlikely to focus on what is important. Neither are they likely to be able to leverage Australia’s comparative advantage in coal resources and advance Australia’s future prosperity.

Speech by Minister Willem Westra van Holthe - PATHWAY FOR THE MINING INDUSTRY

Good afternoon, and it is terrific to see such a large crowd here this afternoon. In reference to a discussion I had before with Drew Wagner, there are a few things I am going to talk about this afternoon, but one thing I won’t talk about is the impending death, or the death of any foreign leaders, or former leaders, as did my unfortunate Federal Collegue did at the Minerals Council of Australia dinner a couple of weeks ago.

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