Time for Senate to Repeal Carbon Tax

Three of Australia’s leading business groups are today calling on the Senate to swiftly repeal the carbon tax. The groups have highlighted the unacceptable cost of delay in repealing what is one of the highest carbon taxes in the world.


Official figures confirm that the carbon tax is imposing a $150 million burden on the Australian economy every week. What they don’t reveal, is that unless the Parliament acts, that bill will increase to $157.5 million per week on 1 July.

A Critique of the Coal Divestment Campaign

The fossil fuel industry, in general, and the coal industry, in particular, has come under attack from environmental activists seeking to end Australian coal production and exports. If the goal of the campaign is to end coal production, the means to that end is to persuade investors that coal has no economic future and to persuade them to ‘divest’ out of fossil fuel based industries.

AFR: Don’t demonise coal – embrace its many benefits

In his address to the Minerals Council of Australia’s annual Parliamentary Dinner last Wednesday night, the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, summed up the unfashionable truth about fossil fuels in a few striking phrases. The Prime Minister said it was “particularly important that we do not demonise the coal industry”, adding that the government wants to keep mining strong because “it is our destiny in this country to bring affordable energy to the world.” In a luncheon address earlier the same day, the Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, also expressed strong support for Australian coal sector.

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