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IPA REVIEW: The battle over cheap energy in the third world

The American literary critic Lionel Trilling once sounded a warning about the risks of the ‘preening moral righteousness’ that is relevant to many of today’s environmental campaigners and the complaisant international aid bodies influenced and intimidated by them. Trilling wrote that ‘once we have made our fellow man the object of our enlightened interest we go on to make them the object of our pity, then of our wisdom, ultimately of our coercion.’


The Minerals Council of Australia is today launching a new website - - to give the silent majority of Australians who support coal a voice against the activists and extremists who want to tear the sector down. Public and private polling over several years has shown consistently shown strong support for Australia’s coal sector, the 200,000 jobs its supports, the $40 billion in export income it will generate this year and the $5 billion in wages and $4 billion in royalties its pays annually.

Coal the answer to energy poverty

The world’s cheapest, most versatile and abundant fuel - coal - must be a major part of the solution to global energy poverty, writes Brendan Pearson. The Washington Post reported in February that the world’s sixth most populous nation, Pakistan, has less than 5 per cent of its original forest cover owing to rampant and mostly illegal logging.

Activists must lump it: populace has spoken

IN Michael Frayn’s 1984 play, The Benefactors, one of the main characters is an activist celebrating a victory over a local council. “The sheer pleasure of it!’’ he exclaims. “We shouted council meetings down — democracy now. We didn’t have to worry about being fair or truthful or tidy. That was the great liberation. Fairness and tidiness and truth are for people who’ve got what they want already.’’ The campaigners for the end of coalmining and exports fit a similar description. They can’t get what they want, so they are again turning to the illegal, the dangerous and the irresponsible.

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