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The Minerals Council of Australia, Victorian Division applauds the announcement of funding under the joint State and Commonwealth Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program. Today’s announcement acknowledges that there is serious effort by governments and industry to unlock the potential of one of Victoria’s world class lignite deposits. Lignite, often referred to as brown coal, has underpinned the Victorian economy for almost a century.
Historically and today, lignite is critical to Victoria and Australia’s power generation capacity. With the development of new technologies, lignite has the potential to become a feedstock to produce many highly valued and globally significant products such as fertiliser, urea, syngas, char and upgraded low sulphur and ash coal. The importance of these co-funding initiatives cannot be underestimated. Advanced technologies require significant investment to develop, refine, demonstrate and deploy. The technologies that prove commercially viable will lead to the development of new industries which will bring further employment and economic prosperity to Victoria’s regional communities.


Today’s federal Budget confirms that Australia’s mining sector will play its part in building a stronger Budget and a stronger economy. Through higher mining company tax receipts and new fiscal measures, the industry will make a significant contribution to the Budget and new Government programs. On Paid Parental Leave, the industry is expected to account for a major share of the $3.8 billion in revenue tax raised by the new levy.


The Productivity Commission Research Report, Geographic Labour Mobility, released today lays to rest many of myths about long distance commuting in the Australian minerals industry. The number one myth has been that Fly-in Fly-out is a “cancer of the bush”. The Productivity Commission’s conclusion is quite the opposite. It finds that FIFO has protected regions from the boom-bust cycle while spreading the benefits of the boom “across the economy”.

Senate Committee Review – Environmental Offsets

The Minerals Council of Australia welcomes the opportunity to address the Senate Committee on the important matter of environmental offsets. Environmental offsets are an area where there are multiple interests, including environment, government, development proponents and the broader community. Offsets can play an important part in balancing social, environmental and development objectives under the broad umbrella of sustainable development.

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