The Development of Northern Australia Inquiry

The minerals industry has a large and diverse presence across Northern Australia. It is the economic lifeblood of many centres, including remote communities, and has a vital role to play in sustaining Northern Australia’s further development. The industry therefore welcomes focused attention on policies needed to ensure Northern Australia reaches its full potential.

One-Stop-Shop for Environmental Approvals MCA Member Briefing Note

One-stop-shop model: State planning systems will be accredited under national environmental law to create a single process covering both State and Federal environmental assessment and approvals, underpinned by a single set of conditions and a single set of biodiversity offsets, if required.

2014 MCA Parental Leave Toolkit

The minerals industry understands that equitable and effective parental leave arrangements are an essential element of the modern workplace. Over recent years, there have been a number of regulatory changes and broader developments that have shaped the policy environment for minerals companies.

Fuel Tax Credits are not a subsidy

Mining, fishing and farming operate “off road”. Fuel excise was introduced in the 1920s for the specific purpose of road funding. It was extended to diesel in the late 1950s to help cover the cost of road building and maintenance. Originally, miners did not pay excise tax at all on diesel for off road use. This reflected a simple point – the mining industry builds and maintains its own roads. The design of the current scheme, whereby fuel tax is paid and later credited, is simply a means of easing the administrative burden on government.

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