Submission on the Draft Assessment Bilateral with Victoria

The Victorian Division of the MCA represents the interests of member companies operating, exploring and providing services to the industry in Victoria.  Policy positions of the Victorian industry are one and the same as the entire Australian minerals industry.  The MCA operates on a platform of national consistency and therefore considers that minerals operations in all jurisdictions should be subject to the same polices and legislative frameworks across the country.

The Victorian minerals industry shares the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments’ commitment to maintaining high environmental standards and the need to work together to streamline environmental assessment and approvals ensuring an efficient, timely and effective process.  The commitment to minimise duplicative conditions imposed on actions, with the Commonwealth ensuring that conditions under the EPBC Act placed on actions are strictly limited to matters not addressed by conditions under Victorian law is strongly supported.  MCA Victoria recognises the efforts of both the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments to progress the one-stop shop and would encourage both Governments to continue the momentum in implementing these important reforms.  MCA Victoria would welcome the opportunity to engage in additional stakeholder consultation and looks forward to consultation on the Draft Bilateral Approval Agreement.

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