Submission to Water for Victoria Discussion Paper

The Minerals Council of Australia – Victorian Division (MCA) agrees that efficient, transparent and innovative management of the state’s water resources is critical to supporting productive industries and economic growth.

While the Victorian minerals industry is not a significant water (surface or groundwater) user, water availability and the security of supply are essential to what is one of the most productive and high potential sectors in the state.

On 17 July 2015, the MCA provided a detailed submission to the State Environment Protection Policy (Waters) Review. The submission gave an extensive overview of industry's water management approach and proposed areas of reform that would enable a robust and flexible regime for all Victorian users, including the minerals industry. As noted in the submission, water planning and reform priorities must:

  • Reduce regulatory overlap and address gaps in legislation, policies and guidelines that relate to water and mining
  • Ensure that water pricing reflects demand, source and quality and not be pre-determined based on industry or end use
  • Be flexible and apply equitably to all water uses.

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