Uranium in Australia – an evolving socio-political landscape

Most notably, the announcement of a Royal Commission here in South Australia into Nuclear Fuel Cycle potential has turbo-charged interest in the uranium and nuclear industries, not just here in South Australia but throughout Australia.

Indeed, the recently released Federal Government Energy White Paper put the South Australian Royal Commission front and centre with respect to nuclear power in Australia.  It says….

The Australian Government will consider the outcomes of the South Australian Royal Commission into its future involvement in the nuclear fuel cycle including the mining, enrichment, energy and storage phases for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The Royal Commission will allow for a considered and informed community discussion on nuclear industries and energy, examining the opportunities and the risks.

So today, I want to try and frame this development and give it some context.  My main contention is that I believe much has happened over a long period of time to bring us to this point.

Contrary to some, I don’t believe the South Australian government is looking at nuclear fuel cycle potential out of economic desperation.

My view is that the compelling story of uranium fuel for nuclear power is becoming more and more understood, and more and more accepted. Particularly here in South Australia.

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